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RFID Tracking

What is Nox?

NOX uses RFID (Radio Frequency ID) tags to monitor the movement of people and assets (equipment, computers, and other property,) and links the asset movement to corresponding video. Using NOX, you can search for any asset and instantly retrieve video and tracking data for all movement through the facility. Assets can also be located and viewed in real‐time using video feeds, even if they are in briefcases, inside boxes, packed on trucks, under tarps, under coats, behind furniture, or in file drawers.

If any tagged asset is moved, you can choose to receive an alert that includes a picture and time stamp of who moved it and when it happened.

NOX works via a standard web browser and is accessible on most iPad®, iPhone®, and AndroidTM mobile devices. It provides constant unattended asset surveillance with alerts for triggered security events, and maintains a complete history of asset movement that can be accessed anywhere in the world. Physically, it is a set of devices configured into a system that allows a customer to find immediate information about where an item is, where it has been in the past, and who moved it. It is a proprietary and configurable set of RFID readers, antennas, network server software, databases, Wi‐Fi, video cameras, and RFID‐tagged assets that operate together to produce a tracking and automatic surveillance system. If desired, NOX includes all the exportable file information necessary to integrate its output data with a customer's accounting, inventory, or security system.

Nox Asset Tracking with Surveilance

In an asset tracking system, the customer is looking to account for a specific set of items. Each of these items will be tagged with an RFID chip that will record a hexadecimal number associated with the information fields entered in the NOX database. The corresponding data will be based on how they decide to implement asset tracking, and whether they will integrate the RFID database with their existing software database. For example, a customer may choose to monitor all of the laptops in the office, all valuable tools, furniture, and electronic equipment. Everything that the accounting department tracks and depreciates as an asset is a good candidate for tracking via RFID.

The basic configuration of an asset tracking system consists of RFID readers set at strategic locations in the building – most likely placed around doors. These readers will be connected to an internal network which hosts the NOX Asset Tracking Appliance (ATA). The ATA will receive data from the readers as items tagged with RFID chips pass by the connected antennae.

Any PC with a web browser can access reports from the ATA. The ATA will record movement of tagged assets, including a time stamp of when the item passed each installed reader antenna. For additional security, the customer may choose to install NOX Cameras at each reading point. The ATA will store the video frames captured at the time the item moved past the readers, which means the database will have pictures of who took the item through those doors, and a record of when it occurred. This event will register even if the item is hidden inside a briefcase or box. The customer may opt to set up alerts that are sent to any specified mobile phone, personal computer, or other network device when a specific item passes by a reader. A flashing or audible alarm may also be connected to the network.

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