Web-based attendance module for IDAttend (IDWeb, requires IDAttend). IDWeb enables attendance and much more to be taken on a mobile device including IPhone, IPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets and other Smartphones (Used with IDAttend)

CCIQ QAssure Accredited Supplier # 12019

GITC Accreditation #Q-5684

*plus Maintenance costs - Contact IDCW for more info
(Note versions of IDWeb prior to 1.2 are no longer supported)

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Current Features:

  • Roll Marking - Present, Unexplained Absence, Late to class
  • Plus - Student is present in class
  • View uniform violations and detentions
  • View Unexplained Absent Periods Today
  • View Total Unexplained Periods Absent
  • View Total whole days unexplained absent
  • View Total unexplained Late to School.
  • Assign uniform violations
  • View student details by Teachers
  • View alert messages
  • Issue Detentions
  • Search for a student
  • Ready To Learn options
  • Controlling Merit Points
  • Attendance Coments
  • View student details for teachers
  • View Student timetable
  • View Teacher timetable
  • View Student Contact Details


  • Send to admin, timeout, music
  • Late to School
  • Early Departure
  • Reply to alerts

It may be used on desktop/laptop computers (Windows and MAC), iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch, Android phones and tablets and almost any device with a HTML 5 compliant web browser.

There is also an option included that allows students to log into IDWeb and view their timetable and also any detentions they may have that day.

IDWeb is NOT cloud based. It runs as a web service on your schools intranet and accesses your IDAttend SQL Server database. All data remains within the school, as with IDAttend. If your intranet is secure then so is your IDAttend/IDWeb data and student information.

Please Note:

For users of IDWeb Version 1.x - this version will cease being supported from 20/04/2015. Please see for information on upgrading to the latest version (V. 2.x)

Remember the Latest Version of IDAttend must be installed and rolled over for IDWeb to function correctly.